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Kids and Toddlers

It’s never too early to start yoga – kid’s yoga is a really fun way to increase self-awareness, co-ordination and confidence through stretching and strengthening the body.

We offer termtime 45 minute Parent and Toddler yoga classes on a Friday at 9.15am, which weave yoga postures, music, breathing, storytelling, and relaxation techniques together to create imaginative and fun yoga classes for toddlers and carers. Yoga is a wonderful activity to share with your toddler. It helps them to develop agility and stamina and also helps with their mental and emotional development. As well as improving their concentration and helping them to relax, yoga offers toddlers a chance to connect with their bodies and to express themselves.
We also have yoga for school-age children aged between 5 and 8/9 term-time Wednesdays with Emily. Yoga for children can enhance focus and concentration and really importantly help them to learn how to slow down and relax. Postures are practised in themed classes with lots of games and partner work to make it fun.

Our kids classes are taught by Emily McGregor, founder, and creator of Generation Mind Body and Soul – a program for toddlers, children and teenagers, incorporating yoga, music, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and self-belief.

Kids and Toddlers classes are available as follows: