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Sally-Anne McConnell

  • Sweat Factor: 2
  • Alignment Focus: 5
  • Music: I don't play music in class so you can concentrate on your bodies, not the music!
  • Pregnancy Trained: Yes

FAQs for Sally-Anne McConnell

  • What should people expect from your class?

    Real Pilates. Focus is on using the correct technique to get the maximum benefit from the exercises. No gimmicks, no showy exercises, just Pilates done properly (it works!)

  • If you weren’t a Pilates teacher, what would you be?

    I would be involved in education in some shape or form

  • What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

    Study business, law or medicine - not dance!! (joking ...sort of)

  • What do you do outside the Studio?

    Look after my two children

  • What’s your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

    Short spine on the reformer, for the spine stretch

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