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James Cassidy

  • Instagram: @theyogij
  • Sweat Factor: 3
  • Alignment Focus: 3
  • Spiritual Philosophy: 5
  • Music: None
  • Pregnancy Trained: No

FAQs for James Cassidy

  • What should people expect from your class?

    A class honouring the traditions of hatha yoga with a modern anatomical awareness. Incorporating asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya and yoga philosophy. An open approach, offering simple choices or the opportunity to explore challenges. A class that serves your body-mind connection

  • If you weren’t a yoga teacher, what would you be?

    I can’t imagine being anything else!

  • What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

    Cherish yourself less and those around you more

  • What do you do outside the Studio?

    Apart from my yoga practice, I love to travel, learn, read, be in nature, eat good vegetarian food and walk my dog

  • What’s your favourite asana exercise and why?

    It depends on how my bodymind is on a particular day. I don’t believe in 'one size fits all ‘ yoga. For me it’s about being present, observing and practicing accordingly. Having said that, Savasana is always good!

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