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Emily McGregor

  • Instagram: @generationmindbodysoul
  • Sweat Factor: 3
  • Alignment Focus: 3
  • Spiritual Philosophy: 3
  • Music: Relaxing and soothing
  • Pregnancy Trained: Yes

FAQs for Emily McGregor

  • What should people expect from your class?

    Children and toddler classes:

    breath work and a series of yoga postures that are woven together through a story, poem, or piece of music. We always finish with the best bit - relaxation. I try to make this part of the class as cosy and luxurious as possible with blankets, pillows, foot massages, beautiful music, singing, and relaxing stories.

    Adult classes:

    Help to find the space within yourself to feel strong, dynamic, and playful at the same time as cultivating a sense of peace and stillness. Incorporating flowing sequences and both energising and grounding breath work. I am also a musician so expect a live acoustic melody during Savasana.

  • If you weren’t a yoga teacher, what would you be?

    I’m obsessed with skin care and essential oils so maybe something to do with that, a facialist or maybe create my own skin care range. I also think that being a midwife would be an amazing job

  • What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

    Be kinder to yourself, start doing yoga while you’re in your teens and cultivate a self care practice, it will help you learn to love yourself which I know you struggle with. Don’t worry so much about what others think of you. Also say yes to Olly when he invites you to the school prom, he’s way nicer than the idiot you decide to go with

  • What do you do outside the Studio?

    I love to write music and go for long walks with my dog Dusty

  • What’s your favourite asana and why?

    Recently in my personal practice, I’ve been doing a lot of Chandra Namaskar and working with a soothing lunar energy which has felt really nourishing and great for my body

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