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East of Eden 200 Hr YTT 2023 with Tanja Mickwitz and James Cassidy

We invite you to East of Eden’s first Yoga Teacher Training with senior yoga teachers Tanja Mickwitz and James Cassidy. To hear them talk more about it you can check out their livestream Q&A on instagram.

Tanja and James bring their enthusiasm, compassion, joy and full hearts into offering this training! Between them they share 25 years of teaching experience and nearly four decades of practice.

At the core of this training sits the understanding that yoga is not just for the mat, but something which supports and enhances all aspects of our lives. The aim is to dive deeper into the full spectrum of what yoga offers, deepen the experience of the practices, with the opportunity to then be able to share this with others. The course in itself will be highly experiential, with the freedom to explore your own personal expression within a supportive community of like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

In a nurturing space co-created between teachers and students you will explore the many aspects of yoga and teaching, from asana labs and intelligent sequencing, to the subtle body (elements, chakras, prana vayus, koshas) and yogic philosophy in practice, as well as anatomy, biomechanics, mantras, mudras, teaching methodology and much more.

This training is not only for those who wish to teach yoga, but for all serious and curious practitioners who wish to further their understanding of the practices and the tradition of yoga.


Dates for the training run April to June (see below for specific weekends), and costs are as follows:

£2995 if paid in full before the end of February 2023

Or £3195 if paid in full before the end of March 2023

Or you can pay in instalments - £1150 for 3 months

Full price, to be paid by the start of the training is £3450


6-10 April (full days, 9am - 6pm)

14-16 April (Friday evening, 4pm-8pm), full days Sat/Sun, 9am - 6pm)

28 April - 1 may (full days, 9am - 6pm)

5 - 8 May (Friday evening,4pm-8pm, full day Sat/Sun/Mon, 9am - 6pm)

19-21 May (Friday evening 4pm-8pm full days Sat/Sun, 9am - 6pm)

26 – 30 May (full days, 9am - 6pm)

9-11 June (Friday evening, 4pm-8pm, full days Sat/Sun, 9am - 6pm)

16 June - graduation



Approximately 30% of the training will be Sadhana, which will comprise of an
integrated practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, Mudra and Bhakti.
Asana in itself will be approached through contemporary alignment principles,
biomechanics and intelligent sequencing to make the practice accessible to all
participants. Subtle body awareness will also be a foundation for understanding and
sequencing asana.


Approximately 40% of the training will be teaching practice which will be rooted in
personal understanding of the practices. Importance will also be placed on
understanding how to accommodate the practices for different bodies and differing
needs. From the beginning of the training students will be encouraged to find and
use their own voice and expression; skills which go beyond simply teaching asana.


The Anatomy segment of the training will be studied online with Andrew McGonigle (“Doctor Yogi”) and the learning integrated into the in-person sessions with Tanja and James.

This is what Andrew says about his course.

“In the anatomy course we will explore in detail the anatomy and physiology of our incredible bodies applied to practising and teaching yoga. Each topic we delve into will be related directly back to the yoga asana practice. There will be a strong focus on using this knowledge of anatomy and physiology to make asana practices as inclusive as possible. Time will be dedicated to exploring how to best communicate with and support students who come to class with common injuries and conditions. There are dedicated yoga practices throughout the course to ensure full integration of the knowledge.”


At the core of this training sits the understanding that yoga is not just for the mat,
but something which supports and enhances all aspects of our lives. The aim is to
dive deeper into the full spectrum of what yoga offers, deepen the experience of the
practices, with the opportunity to then be able to share this with others; honouring
how the traditions and roots of yoga are applicable to and supportive of modern day
to day living.The course in itself will be highly experiential, with the freedom to
explore personal expression within a supportive community of like-minded yoga


Overall aim is for students to confidently teach beginner and open level classes,
incorporating different bodies and include all aspects of yoga, including asana,
pranayama, meditation, mantra & Mudra


As well as being able to teach beginner and open level classes, graduates will be
able to sequence classes using various formats such as peak pose, overall arc and
theme (anatomical, subtle body, philosophical).


During the entire training students are under continuous mentorship and feedback,
with assessments scheduled as required. A final teaching assessment will be held
before graduation.


Tanja Mickwitz - Lead Teacher

Tanja Mickwitz has nearly two decades worth of experience teaching yoga and holding space for transformative practices. Known for her authentic voice, loving presence and speaking from the heart Tanja holds a sacred container for welcoming ourselves into wholeness. Her yoga classes serve as an inspiration and support for life, with asana as the playground and metaphor. Tanja creates a nurturing space for exploration of the internal landscape and inner growth whilst challenging the physical edge with a safely led dynamic practice. She is also an engaging storyteller using the wisdom of stories and symbolism to come into deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe. In her capacity as a mentor she weaves astrological wisdom and shadow work with intuitive guidance to offer a deep and rich container for soul growth and alignment.

In addition to having taught and mentored on several Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2012, Tanja has facilitated two full Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2018. Her book ‘Theming Skills for Yoga Teachers’ is available as part of the Yoga Teaching Guides series for Singing Dragon. Tanja is registered E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance US and a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK.

www.tanjamickwitz.com IG: @tanjamickwitz FB: Tanja Mickwitz Yoga

James Cassidy - Lead Teacher

James discovered living life through yoga almost 20 years ago and has been teaching for the past decade. He sees yoga less as a ‘work out’ and more of a ‘work in’, utilising the physical practice to journey within and bring balance and harmony to the whole ‘bodymind’. James’s teaching style is focused but compassionate and non dogmatic. He draws on a variety of styles, including traditional hatha, vinyasa flow and yin, incorporating the body, mind and breath into a meditative flow. James's teaching begins on the mat but it is his aim that students will incorporate what they experience and learn in their everyday life; embodying yoga in their thoughts, communications and actions. In addition to his Yoga Alliance EYRT 500 certification James has completed his advanced Yin certification with Norman Blair and his 200 hr certification in kirtan leadership with Nikki Slade. His path of yoga has also been enriched with the study and practice of Buddhism, including Vipassana, Tibetan Mahayana and Zen, including a month long study at Kopan Monastery in Nepal.As well as being a guide for others he also reminds himself that he is a lifelong student of yoga; like an instrument requires regular tuning to provide a harmonious sound.
www.theyogij.com Insta: @theyogij

Andrew McGonigle - Anatomy Teacher

Andrew McGonigle has been studying anatomy for over twenty years, originally training

to become a doctor and then moving away from Western medicine to become a yoga

teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher. He combines his skills and

experience to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses

internationally and runs his own Yoga Anatomy Online Course. His book Supporting

Yoga Students with Common Injuries and Conditions: A Handbook for Yoga Teachers

and Trainees was published in March 2021 and his new book The Physiology of Yoga

was published in June 2022. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband. For more

information visit: www.doctor-yogi.com Instagram: @doctoryogi Facebook:


What students say about Tanja
"I am so incredibly thankful that I decided to join Tanja's 200 hour training. Tanja's experience, wisdom, integrity and nurturing presence are so unique; the course was everything I hoped for and so, so much more. It was such a full, comprehensive training, where Tanja skillfully interweaved asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mantra, mudra, anatomy, in a holistic and transformative way. This enabled me to really deepen my personal practice and also helped me to feel ready and inspired to begin teaching straight away. I especially loved that Tanja encouraged and empowered us throughout to really teach in a way that feels authentic to ourselves. Finally, the experience of training in a group was really supportive. From early on in the course, we began to have small practices of teaching each other, and this was a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and build confidence to teach, within an encouraging community. - Sophie - TTC Student and Yoga Teacher"

"I was very touched by how open and encouraging Tanja was to have me on the training despite not being very strong and active in my asana practice as I work with chronic illness. I found the training deeply transformational for my whole mindbody experience. I loved the tantric weaving together of the multidimensional elements and energies of practice. This blend held the arising polarities and the spaces between them nourishingly ... soft / strong, subtle / fierce, still / flowing, vulnerable / guarded ... The sensitive blend allowed me, and I believe us as a growing and practicing community, to move way deeper than with asana alone, whilst the asana practices were foundational and taught meticulously. By integrating asana, mantra, mudra, myth and more I found places in my bodymind lost, long forgotten and newly discovered. Through this blessed training I reached new depth and insights. This felt enriched by the strong community we created together. Tanja is a juicy font of wisdom. She holds the practices and the group both strongly and compassionately, and she has a wicked sense of humour that is a great leveller as we find out way on the path. - Barbra - TTC Students and Yoga Teacher"

What students say about James

“James is one of those teachers you spend a lifetime looking for. He totally changed my perception of what yoga is and should be through his calm, clear and reassuring guidance. I found his knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology second to none, which also helped me to understand and rectify so much about my own practice. Having practised yoga for 12 years and been led by hundreds of different teachers, I can say that James’ soothing nature and clear instructions are an inspiration to all practitioners and teachers.”
Luke, TTC student

"James is a very experienced and dedicated teacher. His knowledge and passion during my training made his classes and lectures always very interesting and enjoyable. He always teaches with kindness and compassion. I feel privileged to be learning from him. He inspires me to work hard and to always be a better teacher and student of yoga"
Chiara, TTC student and yoga teacher


To apply, please email us at info@edeneast.co.uk marking your subject YTT 2023 and answer the following questions:

1. Personal details - name / DOB / address / email / phone

2. What has your experience with yoga been so far? (when did you begin what is the regularly of your practice, who have your teachers been, what brought you to yoga)

3. What does your practice consist of?

4. what do you feel your strengths and challenges are as a yoga practitioner?

5. What is your particular interest and intention in doing the course?

6. Anything we should know regarding your physical/mental health?