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Move For The Culture - Sat 20th June, 2020

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We are supporting Move For The Culture this Saturday 20th June and as part of this are running 2 free classes: yoga for all levels with Ayanna at 1130am then power pilates with Taryne at 1230pm. We ask that if you are able, you make donations to the Runnymede Trust, an independent race equality think tank working to tackle structural racism in the UK. Send us a message letting you know what you have donated and we will match all donations. Book in for free here, then we'll send a zoom link and donation info before the class starts.

#MoveForTheCulture is a day of cultural celebration and fundraising classes. It has 3 main aims:

1. To celebrate Black culture & get people moving.

2. To change the lack of diversity and accessibility within the fitness industry.

3. To fundraise for organisations supporting the black community and fighting racism

East of Eden pledge the following steps in pursuit of the long term goal of changing the lack of diversity and accessibility within the yoga and fitness industries:

1. Outreach - offer and fund yoga and meditation in the community to groups who may not want to come into the studio. Eg we have offered islamic focused womens yoga before but takeup was very low at the studio. Initiatives like this would work better in the communities themselves.

2. Partner with a diverse range of creators in our shop to offer people a storefront to sell their products direct to customers.

3. Make our studio space available for free for certain amount of time each month for minority groups who wish to use it to hold space on issues directly affecting their communities.

4. Offer and fund diversity and trauma training for teachers and staff.

5. Proactively ensure any marketing we do reflects the diversity of our staff fully.

6. A third of our 42 staff (teaching and FOH/management) are BIPOC. We pledge that we will continue to hire a diverse team of teachers and staff, and ensure that every member of the team feels valued and supported and represented.

We pledge, in the words of Maya Angelou, to do better.