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Community Class Pricing - Our Alternative To Classpass

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We’ve slowly been launching low cost community class spots next to our main classes for a few weeks now, but thought it was time to shout about it a bit more.We know only too well how tough things are for so many of us at the moment, and that the cost of a dropin or a credit bundle is more than some can afford. So we’ll be adding community spots in some classes throughout the day. These offer spaces in classes for an £8/10 flat fee and we will release them first thing in the morning, around 630am.

We wanted to provide our own lower cost alternative to Classpass. I know we can’t compete with them as a huge corporation that doesn’t need to make a profit or pay studios or teachers but we had to try something. Classpass just isn’t a sustainable business model for small studios like East of Eden.
When we first launched with them, 7 years ago, they committed to only allowing a maximum of 3 visits a month to a single studio and there was transparency in what we were paid. However these studio protections are long gone, and they now actively market to small studios’ customers offering a whole free month of classes, something we cannot compete with.
We came off the platform in March 2020 but went back on when we reopened just for a few quieter classes, but now the balance has shifted again and we can see our members leaving us and rejoining classes via classpass. So we will be reducing the classes we offer on Classpass and I am happy to talk to anyone about the reasons why we are doing this. I totally understand why Classpass is a great affordable option, but if you are able to, please do support your local studio directly too.