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Christmas Opening Hours

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We reach the end of a second tough year, and another Christmas where plans are changed last minute and uncertainty dominates, thanks to Covid.
I hope you all are able to find some festive happiness this year, but if not, it's just one day, and after the stress and anxiety of the last year, making the conscious decision to go easy on yourself is surely the way to go.
It will just be me and my son at home in Walthamstow, so no big celebrations here, and if we spend the day in pyjamas doing lego, watching terrible tv and eating crisps, well, so be it.
The studio will be open, unless there are any new restrictions, until lunchtime today, and again at 9am on 27th December, just until lunchtime. We will have the same 9-12 hours until NYE, then closed for classes NYD and 2nd January (just open for our day retreat with Tanja and Sami), open again on the morning of 3rd and 4th January before reopening properly on Weds 5th January. See below for the timetable over the next 12 days and book in here. All yoga classes are also live-streamed with the recording available for 48 hours.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas with pockets of joy wherever you can find them, and here's to a brighter 2022.
Abby and Team

Christmas Eve

9.30/10.30/11/30 - reformer Pilates open with Taryne

9.30 - dynamic flow with Eva (75 mins)

Monday 27 Dec

9.30am - vinyasa flow with Tanja (75 mins)

9.30am/10.30am/12.00pm - reformer Pilates open with Amy

11am - dynamic flow with Eva (60 mins)

11.30 - reformer Pilates basics with Amy

Tuesday 28 Dec

9.30/10.30/11/30 - reformer Pilates open with Taryne

9.30 - vinyasa flow with Jodi (60 mins)

10.45 - yin yoga and Nidra with Jodi (75 mins)

Wednesday 29 Dec

9am/10am/11am/12pm - reformer Pilates open with Tom

9.15 - vinyasa with Sherene (60 mins)

10.30 - dynamic flow with Catherine (60 mins)

Thursday 30 Dec

9.30/10.30 - reformer Pilates open with Sally-Ann

9.30 - mandala flow with Zoe (75 mins)

11.00 - hatha flow with Tiffany (60 mins)

11.30am - pregnancy reformer Pilates with Sally-Ann

Friday 31 Dec

9.30/10.30/11.30/12.30 - reformer Pilates open with Maisie


Monday 3 Jan

9.30/10.30/12.30 - reformer Pilates open with Amy

9.30 - vinyasa with Tanja (75 mins)

11.00 - hatha yoga with James (60 mins)

11.30am - reformer Pilates basics with Amy