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Beginners/Basics Yoga FAQs

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Who is beginners/basics for?

Everyone! Yoga practice is for all types. This class goes a little slower and breaks down commonly practised postures.

What do you do in basics?

Generally a warm-up to begin with, them moving through some standing postures, maybe a balance and then coming back down to the mat. We focus on the breath to bring us into that moment, moving mindfully. We move slowly and steadily through a yoga practice, allowing time for you to feel into the posture.

I have practised yoga before, can I come to this class?

Yes! If you like to go a little slower or fancy a refresh, come along!

I'm not flexible, can I come to this class?

A commonly held myth which is a myth! Yoga helps improve flexibility, so it's a great palace to start.

Do I need a yoga mat?

East of Eden have mats and equipment you can use, however you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Any questions unanswered?

Say hello to me at lisaannecarmody@gmail.com